D-node has progressed over the years from a print only fanzine to the premier media hub for LA techno, sharing live recordings of legendary Droid nights from guests such as Speedy J, Surgeon, Richard Devine, Daedelus, Alexander Robotnick, Sandwell District, Dustin Zahn, Kero, and countless others. The Droid podcast now focuses on up and coming artists as well as established veterans by providing a stream of exclusive sets, interviews, and features of the electronic persuasion. Subscribe to for more information.

D-NODE 303



Subversive leads us to Interface with a step into the deep and dubby, hypnotic acid and jacking highs.

D-NODE 302

Raíz – Nu-Balance Mix


We’re back in action with a new mix from Raíz

D-NODE 301



He/aT delivers an hour of killer techno. Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 300

138 Live in Ghent


138 shares this live improvised recording from the beginning of their fall tour.

D-NODE 299



Yukimasa delivers hard hypnotism from Tokyo.

D-NODE 298



Uun delivers an hour-long live PA of his originals.

D-NODE 297



KosmiK dives into the Black Lodge rabbit hole.

D-NODE 296



Katrina‘s a Taiwan-based techno purist, blending techno classics with unexpected oddities.

D-NODE 295



Barbuto shares a dark, driving set.

D-NODE 294

Israel Vines


Israel Vines shares a set recorded live at Prime.

D-NODE 293

Mor Elian


Dublab DJ Mor Elian is behind this week’s mix.

D-NODE 292



Ohio’s Plural deliver’s this weeks dark but emotive mix.

D-NODE 291

Richard Hinge


DJ/producer Richard Hinge of New York Tracks shares his mix, “Perception of Darkness.”

D-NODE 290

George Apergis


Greek DJ/producer George Apergis delivers a hard techno set.

D-NODE 289

Kid 606


The guy behind Perpetual Dawn, Tigerbeat6, and a bunch of amazing records since the ’90s delivers this week’s mix. The guy.

D-NODE 288

Denise Rabe


German DJ/producer Denise Rabe delivers a trippy all-vinyl mix.

D-NODE 287



Invert Music co-founder Template delivers this week’s mix.

D-NODE 286

James Kelley


James Kelley delivers a dark set recorded live in Denver.

D-NODE 285

Pure Ground


Los Angeles Industrial duo Pure Ground gives us 23 tracks of harsh sonic exploration.

D-NODE 284

Ryogo Yamamori


The Tokyo-based head of 951beat, Ryogo Yamamori, gets into electrified, psychedelic territory.

D-NODE 283



30drop shares a dense mix with plenty of action.

D-NODE 282



Private Selection’s Arkitect presents a varied mix from LA’s underground.

D-NODE 281



A founder of Private Selection, LA based Dreams has a unique take on techno inspired bass music.

D-NODE 280

Raíz Live in Berlin


Raíz live in the mix from Berlin, ripping through about 100 tracks in 4 hours.

D-NODE 279

Force Placement


One of the figures behind LA’s techno movement, Force Placement delivers this mix.

D-NODE 278

Dean Paul


Droid Behavior’s own Dean Paul shares this mix, recorded live in Amsterdam.

D-NODE 277



Tresor Berlin resident Krenzlin hosts this week’s mix.

D-NODE 276



Kalamazoo artist D-Knox shares his Sonic Mind.

D-NODE 275



Torque founder Shine delivers a crisp techno mix. See tracklist.

D-NODE 274



Deep, dark, hypnotic techno from the Frankfurt DJ/producer. See tracklist.

D-NODE 273



Southern California DJ/producer Ciren presents this week’s mix.

D-NODE 272

Luigi Tozzi


Luigi Tozzi delivers on the dark, hypnotic Italian sound.

D-NODE 271

Yotam Avni


Yotam Avni – Tel-Aviv – AVADON

D-NODE 270

Elli Arakawa


Tokyo-based DJ Elli Arakawa delivers a mix of deep techno.

D-NODE 269

Bryan Chapman


Excellent techno selections mixed by the British DJ/producer Bryan Chapman.

D-NODE 268

Jon Hester | EDEC


Dancer, promoter, Berlin-based Midwesterner Jon Hester turns in this week’s mix.

D-NODE 267

Ricardo Garduno | Illegal Alien


The head of Illegal Alien presents a mix with a strong selection of his own production work.

D-NODE 266

Discrete Circuit | Mistress


Preceding their new release on Delsin, the Discrete Circuit duo deliver this mix from Berlin.

D-NODE 265

Cochise | GND Records


Cochise. Go. Do.

D-NODE 264

Milkplant | From 0-1


MILKPLANT. This week, Listen.

D-NODE 263

S-File | GND Records


Several forthcoming GND tracks and some of contemporary techno’s best, mixed in with classic tracks from the likes of Mike Dearborn and Paul Johnson

D-NODE 262

Random/Noize | Manifesto


2.5 hours of techno vinyl recorded live in Naples, from Random/Noize

D-NODE 261

Future 16 | Manifesto


Naples-based producer Future 16 delivers a high-energy mix.

D-NODE 260

Zeihta | Berlin


Enjoy a 1.5 hour set from a rising force in the Berlin scene, Zeihta.

D-NODE 259

Kastil | Soul Notes


Excellent mix this week from Kastil, a DJ/producer from the Basque Country. Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 258

Morgan Tomas | Reloading Records


French DJ/producer and head of Reloading Records Morgan Tomas delivers this week’s dark set. Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 257

Fixon Live at Tresor


Listen to a live PA of Fixon, recorded at Tresor Berlin.

D-NODE 256

Xhei | Dynamic Reflection


This week we have a strong techno set from the resident DJ of the Under Club in Buenos Aires, Xhei.

D-NODE 255

Joachim Spieth | Affin


3 hours with Joachim Spieth returns with another excellent mix.

D-NODE 254

DJ Hyperactive Live in Germany


3 hours with DJ Hyperactive in Berlin.

D-NODE 253



The singular Brendon Moeller presents this mix as Echologist. Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 252

J.C. | Tresor


Spanish DJ/producer J.C. shares his deep, hypnotic, contemporary take on the sound established by techno’s greats. Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 251

Simo Lorenz | Driving Forces


Dive in for an hour with the Stuttgart DJ. Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 250

Reeko | Mental Disorder


PoleGroup shares with us a set from another member of Spain’s techno elite, Reeko.

D-NODE 249

Jay Zoney | Eternal Drive


Enjoy this studio mix from Vancouver’s Jay Zoney. Tracklist in the post…

D-NODE 248

D:Tales vs Suerte Live


Recorded live in Los Angeles before last week’s Paul Birken set. Full tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 247

Paul Birken Live


Recorded live in Los Angeles, Paul Birken performs an adventurous set of raw techno.

D-NODE 246

Joton | New Rhythmic


Recorded live in Valladolid, Spain.

D-NODE 245

Exium | Pole Group


An hour with the Spanish duo Exium

D-NODE 244

Project 313 Live at Bar Americas


2 hours of the Blankcode duo from Detroit, Project 313 recorded live at Bar Americas in Guadalajara

D-NODE 243

Oscar Mulero | Pole Recordings


This week it’s a top DJ/producer from Spain, Oscar Mulero. Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 242

Submerge Live at Tresor Berlin


Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 241

Joel Morgan | Blank Code


The Blank Code and Minitec man from Detroit goes in for an hour.

D-NODE 240

Mark Morris | Ketra Records


Mark Morris delivers a quality techno set including Vatican Shadow, a Surgeon remix of Mogwai, and many of his own tracks.

D-NODE 239

Diego Hostettler | Belief System + Kanzleramt


Diego Hostettler checks in to deliver a set of undeniable techno.

D-NODE 238

Joseph McGeechan Live at Tresor


This week Joseph McGeechan turns in a pummeling 90-minute live set, recorded last month at the Berlin institution.

D-NODE 237

Thomas Hessler | Graphene


German DJ/producer Thomas Hessler provides this week’s mix. Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 236

Justin Schumacher | Dystopian Rhythm


Rising NYC artist Justin Schumacher delivers a mix that’s detailed, bassy, and driving. Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 235

Reggy van Oers | Affin


Dutch artist Reggy van Oers delivers a deep, dark, moving mix. Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 234

Arthur Oskan Live Set


Live, melodic, and emotive originals and remixes from Arthur Oskan. More info in the post.

D-NODE 233

The Advent | Kombination Research


A moving mix this week from the UK techno pioneer.Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 232

Max_M | M_Rec Ltd


Deep and hypnotic from the Roman DJ/producer and head of M_Rec Ltd.Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 231

Ritzi Lee | Belief System


All-vinyl hard techno gems. Tracklist in the post.

D-NODE 230

Miss Sunshine | Tic Tac Toe


This week we’re back with Croatian DJ/producer Miss Sunshine.Enjoy.

D-NODE 229

Noah Pred | Thoughtless Music


Droid is pleased to share this very cool mix from Noah Pred, in which experimental breakbeats lead into more club-oriented techno. Tracklist in the post.