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D-Node 270: Elli Arakawa

Elli Arakawa

Having spent eight years performing, hosting events and working in art and fashion, Tokyo-based, British-Japanese DJ Elli Arakawa arrives at the next stage in her career. With reinvigorated focus and a clear idea of where she is going, she sees 2015 as something of a turning point.

Inspired by the experiences and styles of techno she was discovering at the Labyrinth Festival, Elli gradually moved away from the eclectic style of DJing she had honed at fashion events, instead refining her taste to deep, purist techno. She plays with high energy and visible enthusiasm, often mixing quickly and catching crowds off guard.

In late 2013 Elli started her own event Duce at club AIR, inviting Levon Vincent as the first guest. Since then she has hosted Tokyo techno hero DJ Shufflemaster and cemented the party as a go-to for techno fans.

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1.Donato Dozzy + Nuel – Aqua 5
2.Vaal – Mask (Vaal’s Hut Remix)
3.Non Standard Institute – Squelch
4.Erika – Gardeners (Israel Vines Remix)
5.Tadeo – Requiem
6.Deepbass – Moha
7.Orbe + Eduardo De La Calle – A1
8.Infinite – Think Quick (Sleeparchive Remix)
9.Legowelt – Satierian Moon Breeze
10.Heartthrob – Baby Kate (Plastikman Remix)
11.Claude Young – The Sleeper Awakens
12.Kobosil – Secede
13.Lewis Fautzi – Operating Systems
14.Death Abyss – Come as the Reaper and Thus You Will Sow (Israel Vines Remix)
15.Levon Vincent – Black Arm W/Wolf
16.Link – Amenity
17.Gonno – A Life With Clarinet
18.Marcel Fengler – Jaz

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