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D-Node 253: Echologist | Prologue


We’re back from a break and proud to present a mix from Echologist, AKA Brendon Moeller, who has recorded for Prologue, M_REC, Electric Deluxe, Mule, and Echocord among other labels. Moeller is a truly unique producer, with a unique take on the post-Basic Channel world of dub techno. His sound is inspired by a variety of music inside and outside dance, and it shines through in a style that can sound atmospheric, global, or psychedelic in ways attempted by few artists.

This set from Moeller is our first in a new, slower-paced approach to the podcast, as we’ll be carefully selecting particularly unique artists, stand-out sets, great live recordings, or carefully curated genre-blurring selections and sharing as they become available.

So until next time, enjoy this Echologist mix. Tracklist below.


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1 – kaitaro nakajima – teus
2 – kessell – fonec
3 – eomac – moon obelisk
4 – derek plaslaiko – the true story of a detroit groove
5 – alex smoke – tommy knockers
6 – edit select & test – the wipe
7 – H.S. – A2
8 – regis – fragment 4
9 – eduardo de la calle – armad
10 – luigi tozzi – drayd
11 – spherical coordinates – SCHLN-10
12 – pulse code modulation – thodol
13 – zenker bros – mount eleven
14 – maan – burn
15 – relay – untitled 3
16 – phil moffa – elevation
17 – donato dozzy – sotto ma sotto
18 – lee gamble – girl drop

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  • *- says:

    I know it don’t make no sense but hes playing droid style

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