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D-Node 266: Discrete Circuit | Mistress

Discrete Circuit

Discrete Circuit is a Berlin-based production duo keeping alive the Detroit-Berlin connection. Inspired in large part by the influences they’ve encountered through their Away party series, Andreas and Szymon release on their own Away Music vinyl label, DVS1’s Mistress Recordings, and now the esteemed Delsin with their Machine Code EP out in 3 weeks.

Their ‘Away’ parties have included a partnership with Transmat, and this summer they’re bringing back their monthly summer series with guests like Deetron, Move D, and DJ Sneak.

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1. Ø [Phase] – Insectoid
2. Jonas Kopp – Anklad
3. Blue Hour – Falling Lines
4. Pär Grindvik – The Planets
5. Discrete Circuit – Compiler
6. Truncate – Jack (Mark Broom Remix)
7. Antonio De Angelis – Divergent
8. Slam – Factory Music (Planetary Assualt System Remix)
9. Exium & Reeko – Electrica Phenomena
10. Ø [Phase] – Plateau Station
11. Lewis Fautzi – Binary (Oscar Mulero Remix)
12. SP-X – X-8684
13. Dax J – Atlantis
14. Discrete Circuit – Control Zero (unreleased)

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