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D-Node 277: Krenzlin | Tresor


Krenzlin carries the banner of younger DJs, and as Tresor Berlin’s resident he hosts its New Faces series, exposing a new crop of techno voices in the legendary club. His releases can be found on Synwave, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, and other quality labels. His mix for D-Node drives hard, beginning with spacey minimalism and building up in aggression and intensity, in the tradition of Tresor, Mills… you know, techno. Tracklist below.

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Selected Media

1.Diego Hostettler-Astrolatry [Belief System Promo]
2.Rebekah-Confined Heart [Soma Records]
3.Patrick Walker-Outpost [Soma Records]
4.Kevin De Vries-Mythos [ARTS]
5.Rommek-Promo [Promo Unreleased]
6.KMYLE-Philar(Secluded Remix) [Skryptöm Records]
7.Mark Broom-Decay[M-Plant]
8.Slam-Irritant(Pfirter Remix 2) [Soma Records]
9.Lee Holman-Signal [CLFT]
10.Ricardo Garduno-Contratiempos(Christian Wünsch Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
11.Gareth Wild-Vexille[LDNWHT]
12-Florian Meindl-Orgon(Kowalski&Berger Remix) [Flash Recordings]
12.Binny-Event Horizon [Monnom Black]
13.SHkedul-ID22 (Plukkk Remix) [ARTS]
14.Bas Mooy-A Feast for Crows [Mord Records]
15.Lashes-Tabula Rasa (A.Paul Redub Remix) [Yin Yang Records]

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