DROID BLOG ARCHIVE - January, 2012

January 26, 2012

D-Node 144: Henning Baer | Grounded Theory + K209 DE

Henning Baer is one of the founders behind Berlin's leading Grounded Theory parties, and as a producer turned heads last year with his releases on K209 including work with Sawf and Milton Bradley, which he discusses in-depth in an interview with TEA. Coincidentally we ran into Henning during our last European tour. One night while in Berlin, i went out for a late night döner and giant vanilla coke. Upon returning to the lobby of my hotel one of the bar staff told me i could not bring outsid...

January 19, 2012

D-Node 143: Dean Paul | Droid Behavior

Dean Paul's one of Droid's select resident DJs. Supporting Droid with his photography, video, and other media, Dean is known to most as a DJ for all occasions. A dedicated music head since the early 90s, he's since played just about every kind of venue and always finds the perfect music for the time, place, and crowd. This set for D-Node was recorded last November at Cause in Minneapolis and features a range of sounds from bass music to deep techno to mid-90s acid. Enjoy. [audio:ht...

January 18, 2012

Droid Behavior presents PRIME: Peter Van Hoesen | 2.9

CLICK HERE FOR LIMITED FREE/PRESALE TICKETS CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON FACEBOOK CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON RA Online Ticketing for Droid Behavior: Prime with Peter Van Hoesen (Time To Express : Ostgut Ton // Belgium) powered by Eventbrite Selected Media:

January 12, 2012

D-Node 142: Arnaud Le Texier | Safari FR

This week brings another European DJ/producer with a tendency toward the deeper side of house, Arnaud Le Texier. Arnaud got started in 1990 as a record shop manager and soon 5-year resident of Paris club Queen. After running Atcha Recordings with James Warren for five years he founded Safari Electronique in 2005 and soon moved to London to become a regular at places like Secret Sundaze and Fabric. In 2009 he founded digital offshoot Safari Numerique, focusing on the deeper side of house a...

January 11, 2012

Baseck + FI present 5th Annual Wham Bam

CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON FACEBOOK FRIDAY 20. JANUARY 2012 FRIENDLY INTEGRATION & BASECK present the 5th Annual WHAM BAM [[[MUSIC CONVENTION INSPIRED FUTURE SOUND DANCE PARTY 2012]]] featuring: :: RICHARD DEVINE www.richard-devine.com :: SURACHAI www.surachai.org :: DRUMCELL www.droidbehavior.com :: HYPERACTIVE www.soundcloud.com/dj-hyperactive :: [D]SQUARED (Derek Michael & Baseck) www.baseck.net :: THE TLEILAXU MUSIC MACHINE www.ttmm.bandcamp.com/ ...

January 9, 2012

Droid + Insomniac present Adam Beyer | 1.14

CLICK HERE FOR LIMITED PRESALE TICKETS CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON FACEBOOK CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON RA Saturday 14 January 2012 Droid Behavior + Insomniac present Adam Beyer / Ida Engberg 9pm - 4am :: $20 - $25 :: 21+ DIM MAK STUDIOS 6356 Hollywood Blvd (enter through Cosmo St) Los Angeles, CA 90028 **atmosphere by CPU** ---------------- ABOUT ADAM BEYER + IDA ENGBERG: Adam Beyer has become an emblem of Swedish techno, combining a plethora of tec...

January 4, 2012

D-Node 141: Kai von Glasow | Terpsiton

A chance meeting between me and Kai von Glasow at a gig in Essen last year prompted the following connection. His fine blend of deep house and techno, in the manner only germans can do it, impressed my brother and i so much we had to find a way to showcase it. The next logical step was to get him on the Droid podcast for all our network and unfamiliar individuals to share in the deep. 21-year-old Kai has spent these last few years building his name with a residency at Essen, Germany's Hotel ...