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D-Node 292: Plural | Metroplex


Ohio producer/DJ/composer James Johnson (Plural) has been performing this music since the mid ’90s, and for the past decade has released tracks and killer remixes on over a dozen labels. This includes last year’s “Shifting Forward” on the incomparable Metroplex, as well as his current “No Time To Explain” on Diffuse Reality, the title track of which is included in this mix.

The mix for D-Node sounds straight out of a warehouse. Constantly driving and dark, but threaded with pads, atmospheres, and organic elements that make it connect at a deeper level. Highly recommended techno.

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01 Dawid Dahl – Krig
02 Emir Hazir – Stroke
03 Milkplant – RX-18
04 Lester Fitzpatrick – Ahhhhh
05 KWR – The Taste of Failure
06 Afroziod – Marvy Land
07 FBK – Headless
08 Elias – Moon
09 Perc & Passarella Death Squad – Temerature’s Rising
10 Pushmann – Dark Future
11 Plural – No Time To Explain
12 Rebekah – Anxiety
13 Richard Hinge – Changes
14 Jay Wong – Intergalactic Alliance ( DJ T-1000’s Faster Than Light Remix )
15 Raconteur 303 – Freeride
16 Unison Research – Anyway03

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