Derek Micheal aka DM Established as one of Canada’s premier DJ act’s, holding residencies at the world’s most prestigious venues such as Club Tresor (Berlin) and Tokyo’s Club Core, since 1996, Derek Micheal (aka DM) has consistently incorporated influences from the bizarre to the sublime. His studio tracks, released through Hor-Zu, Sender and most recently, critic’s darling Detroit Underground Records, reflect Michael’s deep knowledge and vast historical understanding of Western musical practice. A knowledge which he has consistently shared with audiences around the world.

Growing up in Windsor/Detroit, Micheal has existed in a unique geographical area where the radio and television signals overlap, cultures and tradition blur, and an an undercurrent of rebellion has consistently charged the musical experience. From Jazz to Motown, the Stooges, to Plastikman, Derek Michael is heir, archivist, and activist to, for and within this daunting and influential legacy. His philological approach to recording affords Michael the opportunity to access, re-open and expand dialogues with sources that electronic music has supposedly killed, while still operating within a general “techno” framework. The results of these investigations are a highly reflexive, meta-musical experience imbued with generous amounts of personality where Michael’s innovation resides within his adoption of an electro-musical historical materialism. Plus he can make you shake your ass.