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D-Node 242: Submerge Live at Tresor


Submerge, AKA Orlando Solis, is a DJ/producer from Chicago who also runs the Impact Mechanics label, a name he also uses for live performance. His releases on the harder side of techno have come out on Impact Mechanics, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, and Mote Evolver, among other labels. Submerge’s mix this week comes through supporter Allen & Heath’s Xone:DB4 mixer, recorded at Tresor Berlin. The use of the mixer would have to be the set’s technical highlight, as he cuts through mixes and pushes effects through 68 minutes of hard techno. Enjoy.


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01 Stochastic Resonance 007
02 The Advent and Industrialyzer, High Octane Submerge Edit
03 Attac, Bells Thru My Mind, Authentic Pew
04 Gary Beck, Blotch, Bek Audio
05 Slam, Cadence, Paragraph
06 Kostas Maskalides Goats on acid
07 Truncate, RMX Concentrate
08 Alanis Alanis, Sonido, Driving Forces Records
09 Industrialyzer, Memory Remains, Codeworks
10 Planetary Assault Systems, Future Modular,Subtracted Mix
11 Slam, Remains, Paragraph
12 Mike Ban and Dietmar, Wohl, Wall Hall, Audio Injection remix
13 Sintoma, Atencion
14 Pfirter, Infiltrate
15 De Hessejung, In Space, Yari Greco
16 Industrialyzer, Overmode, Codeworks
17 Luis Flores, Discipline, Blank Code Records
18 Justin Schumacher, Activated Complex, Dystopian Rhythm
19 PjotrG & Dubiosity, Cargo, Submerge and Ricardo Garduno remix
20 Andrea Belluzi, 77
21 George Lanham and Mr. Jones, Hackney Movement, TPS
22 Mod3rn, A1,
23 Kardinal, Coma, The Advent and Industrialyzer Remix
24 Spiros Kaloumenos, Black Humour, Dig-it Remix, Illegal Alien
25 M.I.T.A The Druma, Kombination Research
26 A.D. Too Rhythms
27 Felix Lorusso, obey, Luis Flores Remix
28 Dave Clarke, Red 3, Submerge Remix
29 Sama Doma, Lag, Forward Strategy Group Remix
30 Perc, Take your body off, Perc Trax
31 Sneak, You can’t hide from your bud

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