DROID BLOG ARCHIVE - November, 2017

November 21, 2017

D-Node 303: Subversive | VRV

Leading into this weekend's 15-year anniversary at Interface, Subversive drops a mix to take you through the deep and dubby, hypnotic acid and jacking highs. Download | Other Recent Podcasts Tracklist 1 möd3rn - Mö 17 - [Möd3rn Records] 2 Absent - Sound of Mako - [Absent] 3 Z.I.P.P.O - Inconstant Universe - [FIDES] 4 Gareth Wild - MSK - [EarToGround Records] 5 Leiras - Cuneiform - [Ownlife] 6 GONZALO MD - Violent Environment - [Knotweed Records] 7 Jamie...

November 6, 2017

D-Node 302: Raíz | VRV

D-node breaks the silence with a varied mix by the podcast's curators, Raíz. After years of publishing countless techno sets from every corner of the globe from up and coming artists and established veterans alike there seemed to be very few places left to go and even less truly new and exciting music to share. D-node went on hiatus while the Droid and VRV members took a collective step back to hone in their skills in other areas of sound and production. Now nearly 12 months later a careful...