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D-Node 291: Richard Hinge | New York Trax

Richard Hinge

Richard Hinge, a pioneering proponent of New York techno since the early ’90s, is back with an EP on New York Trax – a no-compromises gem plumbed from the depths of his hardware-based Brooklyn studio. Having taken a hiatus from production since his seminal releases on Conrail, Sonic Groove, Hidden Agenda, Disko B and Path Records, Hinge is back to reclaim his seat at the table of New York techno greats. In this dark and eclectic mix recorded for D-Node and titled “Perception of Darkness,” Hinge presents his unique, thoughtful approach to mixing and to techno as a genre.

“Perception of Darkness” is on the harder side of contemporary techno, pushing the energy with no relent until its end.

Featuring: Alesssandro Cortini, Roman Lindau, Tob Jona, Jay Clarke, The Mathmatic Assassins, V/A Fragments Recordings, iesope Drift, Fango Tuono Remix by Barnt and Jens-uwe Beyer, Lewis Fautzi, Oscar Mulero, Richard Hinge, Tensal, Fabrizio Lapiana, Marco Giordano, Dold.

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