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D-Node 263: S-File | GND Records


S-file began as a radio DJ covering the ’90s house scene, and of course caught the bug to move in to his own events, productions, and label. Although GND started in 2011, it’s really since 2012 that S-Type’s been on a release roll, pushing out quality techno that charts and circulates. As a touring DJ he has just as much impact, and this set showcases the sound of several forthcoming GND tracks and some of contemporary techno’s best, mixed in with classic tracks from the likes of Mike Dearborn and Paul Johnson.

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01. Kaiserdisco – Ten Commandments (KD Raw)
02. S-File – Spandau90 (forthcoming on GND Records)
03. Cochise – Radon (Moteka Remix) (forthcoming on GND Records)
04. Flug – Expierence (Droid Behavior)
05. Avgusto – 0007 (Flash)
06. Dax J – Twilight Zone (Monnom Black)
07. Turbo Turbo – Nite Roads (forthcoming on GND Records)
08. DJ Deep & Roman Poncet – Hydraulic Jack (Tresor)
09. Cochise – Radon (Marc Broom Remix) (forthcoming on GND Records) 10. Marco Bailey – Wildfires (Nikola Gala Remix) (MBR Limited)
11. S-File – Bleaching (forthcoming on GND Records)
12. Deadwalkman – Atmosphere (Turbo Turbo Remix) (CDR)
13. Paul Johnson – Soft Spot (Chiwax)
14. Cochise – Kouprey (GND Records)
15. Electric Rescue – Received (Sleaze)
16. Mike Dearborn – An Acid Memory (Djax Up)
17. Turbo Turbo – Leitzeiten (forthcoming on GND Records)

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