April 23, 2015

D-Node 265: Cochise | GND Records

French DJ/producer Cochise makes the tracks he wants to hear and play. The approach has served him well lately, with a strong run of EPs for GND: Radon, Thylacine, and Cligno. His sound fits right in with the breed of powerful, house-aware techno DJs, but his tracks stand out for their power on the floor. This excellent mix, showcasing some of his tracks and the world they complete, takes the point home. Download | Other Recent Podcasts Tracklist VSK - Commander of Nowhere ...

April 13, 2015


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April 10, 2015

D-Node 264: Milkplant | From 0-1

This week we present a mix from Milkplant, AKA Justin Pennell. Milkplant's the founder of the label From 0-1. With several years as a DJ/producer his recent EP Time Dilation saw wide rotation from top DJs and tracking from Gary Beck and Paul Mac at the top of their Juno charts. The mix he's provided for D-Node showcases a dark and aggressive sound. Download | Other Recent Podcasts Tracklist 1. Myler- Somewhere In London [Autofake] 2. Complicit- Drome 2 (Planeshifter Remi...

April 3, 2015

D-Node 263: S-File | GND Records

S-file began as a radio DJ covering the '90s house scene, and of course caught the bug to move in to his own events, productions, and label. Although GND started in 2011, it's really since 2012 that S-Type's been on a release roll, pushing out quality techno that charts and circulates. As a touring DJ he has just as much impact, and this set showcases the sound of several forthcoming GND tracks and some of contemporary techno's best, mixed in with classic tracks from the likes of Mike Dearbo...