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D-Node 265: Cochise | GND Records


French DJ/producer Cochise makes the tracks he wants to hear and play. The approach has served him well lately, with a strong run of EPs for GND: Radon, Thylacine, and Cligno. His sound fits right in with the breed of powerful, house-aware techno DJs, but his tracks stand out for their power on the floor. This excellent mix, showcasing some of his tracks and the world they complete, takes the point home.

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VSK – Commander of Nowhere
Saam – Exit
Cochise – SP98
Parahoria303 – Rain Forest (Seri Remix)
M. Fukuda – Trillion
Spacesheep – Sparkling Sunset (Cochise Remix)
Chris Colburn – Kort in the Middle
Mono.xID – Toxic Waste 1.2 (Acetochlor)
Paul Mac – 90’s in a Box (Modeus Remix)
Moteka – Texture47 b1
I.R.O.N – A.C.D (Cochise Remix)
Deadwalkman – Atmosphere (Turbo Turbo Remix)
Cochise – Bet
Braincell – Sex Machine
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Late Uru Uru Night (Ryogo Yamamori Remix)
Mark Henning – Roots
Kwartz – Form and Void (Reeko Remix)
Jepe – The Way (Nikola Gala Remix)
Dare & Haste – Residual Image of Detroit
Cochise – Radon (Remix)
Robert Hood – In Basements
Boris Divider – Master Model
Norman – The Piper
Freddy Fresh – After the Club

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