May 19, 2016

D-Node 287: Template | Ruse

Template is the co-founder of LA-based collective Ruse. They are a newer force of underground techno in Los Angeles and beyond, taking up the torch with events and releases to keep things moving forward. The sound is defined by a love for the best of dance music's past and an eye for its future, and they serve it up often in Southern California. This week for D-Node we get 72 minutes passing elegantly through different moods and styles that pull from the strengths of both techno and house. ...

May 13, 2016

D-Node 286: James Kelley Live at Beta

James Kelley is a DJ, producer, and promoter (Source 20/20) from Dallas, bringing world class talent to the city and taking his own heavy warehouse sound around the continent and abroad. From his DJ sets to his own productions, Kelley keeps things deep, dark, moody, and moving. This 108-minute live recording was taken from his recent appearance at the Beta Nightclub in Denver. Download | Other Recent Podcasts Tracklist Workhorse - Jay Zoney Shuffling Thoughts - Ricardo Ga...