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D-Node 269: Bryan Chapman


Living in seclusion in southern England, Bryan Chapman is a part of the conveyor of talent that hails from this ever growing, under current of modern techno that is found on the shores of the south coast of England. Now an established name amongst the new breed of producers breaking through, with releases on Enemy, 8 Sided Dice, H. Productions, and Bouq., Bryan has earned a reputation for making no-nonsense, heavy-weight tracks that have seen his music supported by taste-makers across the techno scene.

The mix he provides is a showcase of some of the best techno out now. Plus it has Waterfall…

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1. Function – Burn [Sandwell District]
2. Brendon Moeller – Passage to Obscurity [Atrophic Society]
3. Rod – Malmok Three [Klockworks]
4. Rraph – Arctic Cyclones [Gynoid Audio]
5. Yan Cook – Bell [Dynamic Reflection]
6. Electric Rescue – Norma [Gynoid Audio]
7. Bjarki – Polygon Pink Toast [Trip]
8. Bryan Chapman – Untitled
9. Sleeparchive – Fifty Fences ‘Live’ [Sleeparchive]
10. Svreca – Sleepless [SEMANTICA]
11. Population One – Bonus Beat [Trip]
12. Chevel – Detrimental [Non Series]
13. Rrose – Ammonia [Eaux]
14. Cassegrain – A Study of Splashes [Prologue]
15. Claudio PRC – Atik [PoleGroup]
16. Electric Rescue – Nania (Developer Remix) [Analytictrail]
17. Planetary Assault Systems – Strange Attractor [Mote Evolver]
18. Bryan Chapman – Untitled
19. RødhÃ¥d – The Wall [Dystopian]
20. Terence Fixmer – AVIATIC [Deeply Rooted House]
21. Developer – Signal 3 [Weekend Circuit]
22. Lewis Fautzi – Desinformation [PoleGroup]
23. Rrose – Waterfall [Eaux]
24. Svreca – Mountain Splitter [SEMANTICA]

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