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D-Node 245: Exium | Pole Group


Exium is the 15-year techno project between Spanish producers Valentín Corujo and Héctor Sandoval. Their work in this time has been shared across a wide network of labels including their own Nheoma, as their hard, rugged approach has acquired the tones of minimal, dub, and Detroit influences, which they also explore in solo projects.

Aside from their techno performance work in Spain and on worldwide tours, Exium have collaborated with the Fiumfoto collective to produce soundtracks for audiovisual works and collaborate on award-winning A/V performances.

The duo have released two full-length albums, Roots of Time (Nheoma, 2011) and A Sensible Alternative to Emotion (Pole Recordings, 2013).

The recording for D-Node touches on that harder techno core that pulls Exium to clubs around the world.


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