DROID BLOG ARCHIVE - January, 2013

January 31, 2013

D-Node 188: Francois X & Heartbeat B2B

French DEMENT3D artists Francois X (also of Deeply Rooted House) and Heartbeat come together for 1 hour of choice house & techno selections. The pair had the following to say about the mix: The set was recorded almost exactly 5 years day-for-day after our very first set together, a spontaneous unplanned B2B that went on for hours, and that has certainly been one of the defining moments of our record label DEMENT3D. This one goes out to all the DJs that are fighting to make it happen i...

January 24, 2013

D-Node 187: Komprezzor Live in Minneapolis

Droid is pleased to present a live set from an emerging name in techno, Komprezzor. Based in Chicago, Komprezzor focuses on dark, dirty techno, and has been holed up in the studio churning out original material to drive his intense live set. 2013 is set to be a big year for Komprezzor, with about 10 tracks coming out in the next few months, including a release on his own SecreTechno imprint and The Thin Line EP for Sienna Obscure. This week's recording was made live at a New Year's Eve pa...

January 16, 2013

D-Node 186: Mick Finesse | Perc Trax

Denver-based Mick Finesse, AKA Stephen Penders, has made his way into the international spotlight this past year with brilliant releases on Perc Trax (Tunnel Vision) and Broken20 (Spatial Anxiety). Fitting the Perc Trax sound, his output calls upon the best of industrial techno, IDM, and contemporary cutting edge electronics for a danceable sound that can range from brutal to serene. The mix he's prepared for Droid pulls from the leaders in this sound, starting with some murky, overdriven...

January 12, 2013

Droid Behavior + Trash Audio + Capsule Labs + FI presents BL___K NOISE | 1.25

The 6th annual convention inspired event brings together forward thinking production groups Droid Behavior, Capsule Labs, Trash Audio and Friendly Integration to present a night of analog and digital hardware performances. Expect a variety of modular synthesizers, drum machines, control voltage and random noise generation. These activities will take place at Capsule Labs pressing plant. Vinyl production demos will be held throughout the night as well a direct to lacquer disc recording of sel...

January 10, 2013

D-Node 185: Tony Rohr Live at PRIME

For the two-year anniversary of our PRIME series in Los Angeles we invited longtime producer, American techno luminary, and Droid associate Tony Rohr to bless us with a set of undeniable dance trax. Mixed live to a room of LA's techno devotees, the following 2-hour set expertly weaves through the tones and tempos of techno. Listen and learn. Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud [audio:http://droidbehavior.com/Podcast_Sets/PRIME/dnode185-rohr.mp3] Download | See Other Podcasts

January 4, 2013

Droid Behavior presents PRIME: Sebo K | 1.10

Renowned for merging cutting edge sounds with vintage accents, Sebo K is both mobilee’s longest serving artist and its beating heart of house music. Sebo K is a unique and influential figure within Berlin’s densely populated music community; both crowd-pleasing and credible, he is a bona fide tastemaker who distinguishes himself by exploring the connective threads between classics from Chicago and Detroit, and modern European tech house, minimal, and rolling percussive grooves. Sebo K...