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D-Node 283: 30drop | Barcelona


A relatively new moniker on the techno circuit, Spanish producer 30drop has been releasing on labels like Detroit Underground and his own 30drop Records, which in 2015 also released a new EP by Population One (Terrence Dixon). His latest release is History of Gods on 30drop Records, featuring three originals and a remix by Steve Rachmad.

This set for D-Node is an example of his new live set concept, which aims to be dense and hypnotic and show the wilder side to his live show that isn’t as apparent in his tracks.

His intentions are right on the mark, as the mix features dense layering of tracks and elements, with unknown hypnotic bits and shards of classic techno circulating above and below the surface. There’s a lot of movement in the mix, and one can imagine how this translates from the live performative context.

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