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D-Node 296: Katrina | 951beat


Katrina‘s a Taiwan-based techno purist, blending techno classics with unexpected oddities. Her work as a DJ is rounded out by both production and promotion. She pushes Taipei’s “Innerve” techno parties, and Japan’s 951beat just released her first single, “Scintilla.” Her mix for D-Node caught our attention with its inclusion of Frankie Bones and a host of jackers. Doesn’t shy away from pace adjustments. Enjoy.

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# Track Title Artist
1 Harsh Times (Edit)_Chevel
2 Luscious Lips_Reckonwrong
3 Bell Blocker_Gilmer Galibard
4 Control_Oliver Ho
5 Shudder In The Sun_Ruins
6 Soothsayer_Birth Of Frequency
7 Monolulu_Mark Du Mosch
8 Hiraeth_Antigone
9 Reflect (A001 Remix)_TWR72
10 TT_Gilmer Galibard
11 Exponent_KuF
12 Without Tears_Roger Rotor
13 I Love It!_Frankie Bones
14 Howard Hughesian_Hound Scales
15 Fringe_Chevel
16 The Serpent Devours Itself_Oliver Ho
17 Heavy Thinker_DJ Skull
18 Magenta_Ruins
19 131_Tommy Four Seven
20 Women Beat Their Men_Frankie Bones
21 It (Ancient Methods remix)_Uncto
22 Connipition_Ruins
23 Bite My Head_Portion Control
24 Mutate And Survive (Oliver Ho Version)_Oliver Ho
25 Somewhere Between Hell and Heaven_Sub Accent
26 Job_The Nubs

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