June 23, 2016

D-Node 290: George Apergis | Modular Expansion

George Apergis is a leading techno DJ/producer of the Greek scene, on his own, as a part of the group EMEX, and as a founder of Modular Expansion, behind both a label and live events. Both on his own and as EMEX he's had his releases championed among techno luminaries. His mix for D-Node is on the harder side of contemporary techno, pushing the energy with no relent until its end. Download | Other Recent Podcasts Tracklist 1. EMEX - 00110010 - Modular Expansion 2. Luis F...

June 11, 2016

D-Node 289: Kid 606 | Perpetual Dawn

Kid 606 is an interesting and influential figure in electronic music. With a discography that goes back to the ‘90s, he’s long been known for playful, glitchy, noisy music like breakcore or IDM, noisy hip-hop, and some more or less self-invented sounds and styles. He’s also released on some of the more interesting labels such as Mille Plateaux, Important Records, and his own influential Tigerbeat6. Lately in his current home of Los Angeles he’s produced outstanding shows under the na...

June 2, 2016

D-Node 288: Denise Rabe | ARTS Records

This week we showcase an all-vinyl mix from a fantastic German DJ, Denise Rabe. By the age of 16 Bielefeld, Germany-born Denise Rabe was mixing, scratching, and beat juggling, and her interests led her through house, Drum & Bass, and finally techno. With her adopted base in Berlin she played venues like Tresor and hosted Berlin's "Sweatlodge" radio show, and by 2015 was hosting her own night, Hide and Seek, booking artists like Claudio PRC, Luis Flores, and VSK. This is the year she also ...