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D-Node 231: Ritzi Lee | Belief System

Ritzi Lee

Dutch artist and Underground Liberation founder Ritzi Lee delivers an all-vinyl set of hard techno gems in a style that stands out from the strands explored by most DJs today. The set bangs and really should not be missed, whether you love this music or are hearing it for the first time. Thanks for this one. While it downloads check out his latest release on Belief System, The Next Genesis. Mix tracklist below.


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DJ Spooky – Odd shit
DJ Jes – Arena
Stacy Kidd – What
Stephen Brown – Fire Exit
DJ Rush – Safety
Spiner – Autocue
Neil Landstrumm- Finish deception
Sound Associates – Your place or Mine?
1ST bass – Slam me down
Mark Verbos- Hard
Richley & Rivera – The Devine
Jay Denham – Revenge of a madman
Bizzy & DJ Dojaja – Enki
Neil Landstrumm – LCD Matrix Rooster
Cari Lekebusch – 12 Ounce Roachjam
Joel Mull – Safety Session
Pounding Grooves – Global Trax 3
Parametrix – Psycho
Cisco Ferreira – T.R.I.N.I.T.Y. (Chris Liebing remix)
Chris McCormack – Sea level (Chris Liebing remix)
Cold Dust – Grounded (Umek remix)
Andrei Morant – Menace
Nuccle vs H – Seal 8
Parole – 2 Thieves
Umek – Glurenorm
Ventilator – Shakers
Gayle San – Racer
Nuca – Shift
DJ Slip – Slipotika
DJ Misjah – Peak hour
Nico Awtsventin – Quadra
Rino Cerrone – Back 2 Basics
Oliver Kapp – Shift
Pattern Play – Special Filter
GPS – Rapid Analysis
Adam Beyer – Drumcode 15
Dyonisis – Camoflage

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