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D-Node 298: Uun | Ego Death


This week we’re pleased to share a unique live PA of original music by Uun, including sounds from Ego Death 002, out December 2. The music’s a perfect balance of hypnotic, hard, and dance floor tuned techno.

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About Uun

Coming up in the music scene of Kansas City, Uun (Ryan Malony) crafted his love for the darker edges of sound as a guitarist and drummer in multiple Metal and Hardcore bands before turning his focus to techno. Both his early work as a band member and his current work as a techno producer share a common exploration of darkness both in mood and in execution. As his discography has grown, so have his productions and mixes quickly evolved into their own unique sound.

After DJing for 7 years, Ryan began working on a live pa in an effort to fully bring his vision of techno to fruition. These extended production sessions became the basis for his current live pa sets which are now his primary form of performance. These live sets take his previous skills as a DJ / multi-instrumentalist and blends them with his love of sound design and production all while maintaining an attention to the dance floor.

In August of 2016 he launched his own label Ego Death, which is a platform for the music created for and from these live pa sessions. The imprint is relatively young yet has already recieved support and play from names such as Etapp Kyle, Perc, 2000 and One, Patrik Skoog, Rebekah, Truncate, Drumcell, Alex Bau, and many more artists in the world of techno.


No Tracklisting, special studio live pa of all original material. The performance features elements of Ego Death 001 and 002, the latter of which will be released December 2, 2016.

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