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D-Node 272: Luigi Tozzi | Hypnus Records


Luigi Tozzi is a young producer from Rome, whose music occupies that very hypnotic and now very Italian space between deep techno and emotional ambient music. He works closely with Hypnus Records but has also released on Dynamic Reflection and others, and his new release is on the esteemed Outis Music, a three-track released called “Calipso,” with an additional remix by label head Dino Sabatini.

The mix for D-Node features a strong sampling of Tozzi’s deep atmospheric sounds, with several of his own tracks.

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1-Periskop – Immerse_(Component IV)
2-Modvs – PL1 (Antonio Vazquez Remix)
3-Skymn – Okuyi
4-Luigi Tozzi – Hierophant
5-Skymn – Bonfire
6-BLNDR – Mental Stretching (Incantation 2)
7-Modvs – PL2 (Korridor Rework)
8-Korridor – Vacuum Decay (Mike Parker Remix)
9-BLNDR – Untitled 2 (Korridor Retake)
10-Luigi Tozzi – Dryad
11-Luigi Tozzi – Endor (Moon)
12-Luigi_Tozzi – Chemosynthesis (Claudio PRC Remix)
13-BLNDR – The Untitleds (Svreca Remix)
14-Luigi_Tozzi – Sub-Photic Zone
15-Periskop – Immerse (Component I)

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