May 29, 2014

D-Node 246: Joton Live in Valladolid

Joton is Jose Angel Palacios Robles, New Rhythmic label founder and a DJ/producer with a decade of quality, focused techno tracks charted worldwide. Having risen in the Spanish techno scene, his production and performance notoriety have brought him to tour Europe's techno epicenters and further outreaches. The mix for D-Node was recorded earlier this month at Area 51 in Valladolid, northern Spain, and showcases his style of dark techno put together with fast, precision mixing, and a few t...

May 23, 2014

D-Node 245: Exium | Pole Group

Exium is the 15-year techno project between Spanish producers Valentín Corujo and Héctor Sandoval. Their work in this time has been shared across a wide network of labels including their own Nheoma, as their hard, rugged approach has acquired the tones of minimal, dub, and Detroit influences, which they also explore in solo projects. Aside from their techno performance work in Spain and on worldwide tours, Exium have collaborated with the Fiumfoto collective to produce soundtracks for a...

May 15, 2014

Interface 47 + Droid Behavior In Detroit | 5.25

Droid Behavior presence will again be felt at this years Detroit Movement Electronic Music Festival once again. The 3rd annual Interface / Scene event will take place at the works on Sunday May 25th at the works and features headliners Regis, Oscar Mulero, Cell Injection, Dustin Zahn + others. Sunday and Monday at the festival itself will see performances by Luis Flores, DJ Hyperactive and Raiz. See you in the underground.

May 15, 2014

D-Node 244: Project 313 Live at Bar Americas

This week D-Node welcomes back Project 313, the Detroit-based duo of Chad Parraghi and Nick Bien, founders of the label and events group Blank Code. This mix was recorded live and is the first two hours of a set they performed at Guadalajara's Bar Americas, at Luis Flores' record release party for his new Blank Code release Rituals of Submission. The mix runs through the dark, driving territory Blank Code is known for, with a wide variety of moving rhythms. No tracklist on this, though I no...