DROID BLOG ARCHIVE - December, 2016

December 16, 2016

D-Node 300: 138 Live in Ghent

138 is the Whittier-based (Los Angeles) live duo of Billy Garcia and Nathan Valle, who run the label TXTRL. This set was recorded at the first show of their fall tour for Rimbu Presents MORD label night in Ghent, Belgium. It’s an all-analogue hardware improvised live set, speaking to various modes of techno, from bleeps, shuffles, slamming bass, and the jacking heat analogue improv techno has to offer. Download | Other Recent Podcasts Related Media

December 1, 2016

D-Node 299: Yukimasa | Force

Tokyo-based Yukimasa actually began his music career in '90s Anaheim, California, and his sights eventually turned to techno with DJing and event promotion, specifically around the Tokyo-based "Force" events. His mix for D-Node is both hard and hypnotic, showcasing the continuous hypnotism of artists like Mike Parker, featuring tracks by PAS, Rødhåd, Marco Shuttle, and more. Download | Other Recent Podcasts Tracklist 1. No Knowledge of Sorrow or Regret_Varg (Abdulla R...