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D-Node 282: Arkitect | Private Selection


This week we present another mix from the Private Selection crew with Arkitect. The set begins with dark vibes before incorporating rough house sounds and untitled original material. Arkitect’s next EP for Private Selection is in the mastering process and will be out this year.

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Black Rain – Night City.Tokyo (London Version)
Female – Because The Night
Gene Hunt – Drive Yourself Nuts
Roman Poncet – Black Orchid
Amir Alexander – Return Of The Zombie!
Dax J – Beyond the planets
Funtion – Gradient II
Tense – Disconnect Myself (Beau Wanzer Adjustment)
Savage Grounds – Motoric
Space Knight- Space Alert
D’marc Cantu – No Control
Omar S – Ready My Black Asz
Psychic TV – Alien BE-IN (Silent Servant Remix)
Basic Soul Unit – Soulspeak (Original)
Arkitect – ???
Unit Moebius- O.K. Blaze
Kyle Hall- Spoof

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