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D-Node 258: Morgan Tomas | Reloading Records

Morgan Tomas

Morgan Tomas is a French DJ/producer and the head of Reloading Records and its podcast. He’s recorded on a number of labels included Sleaze and Silent Steps, and his “Binary Shift” LP includes remixes from Droid’s own Drumcell and Truncate, among others. His mix for this edition of D-Node is driven by dark atmosphere and energy and includes a couple of his own records. Tracklist below.

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01/ Perial – Preparation
02/ The Welderz – Connections
03/ Alex Schultz – Level 1
04/ Sheef Lentzki – Welder Riov (David Temessi Rmx)
05/ Enqoded – Winterfall
06/ Enqoded – Dram
07/ Isolate – XXX
08/ Enqoded – Erase/Write
09/ Treal – Error
10/ Morgan Tomas – Contour (Octave Rmx)
11/ The Welderz – Order Rand
12/ Morgan Tomas – Binary Shift (Drumcell Rmx)
13/ Komprezzor – Modz (Ricardo Garduno’s Drained Rmx)
14/ Loso – Unable Parts (Monocraft Rmx)
15/ M.Gervais – Pulsate (Raiz Rmx)
16/ Enqoded – Serum

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