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D-Node 267: Ricardo Garduno | Illegal Alien


Mexican DJ/producer Ricardo Garduno runs Illegal Alien Records and has had his own music published on Brood Audio, Sleaze Records, Driving Forces, Machine Box and Impact Mechanics. His music is supported and played out by most of the DJs we’ve featured, and his mix for this week’s D-Node contains a healthy sample of his own productions, giving a clear sample of his sound.

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Oscar Mulero – Mind-Body Interaction
Ricardo Garduno – Sensitive
Max M – Exceeding Brightness
Sleeparchive – Senza Titolo One
Reeko – Star Phases
Ricardo Garduno – Mind Functions
Fixeer – Phase 4
Oscar Mulero – Mentally Induced Action
Ricardo Garduno – Intuition
Sleeparchive – Window 057
Morgan Tomas – Binary Shift (Drumcell Remix)
Ricardo Garduno – Gravedad
Ricardo Garduno – Oscilaciones
Mike Gervais – Assailant
Fixon – The Pain Is Gone (Audio Injection Remix)
Kellener & Marla Singer – Trent
Ricardo Garduno – Talk to Me
Max M – Scape Sequences

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