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D-Node 287: Template | Ruse


Template is the co-founder of LA-based collective Ruse. They are a newer force of underground techno in Los Angeles and beyond, taking up the torch with events and releases to keep things moving forward. The sound is defined by a love for the best of dance music’s past and an eye for its future, and they serve it up often in Southern California. This week for D-Node we get 72 minutes passing elegantly through different moods and styles that pull from the strengths of both techno and house.

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A.I. – Intro / Matrixxman – Earth Like Conditions (Original Mix) [Ghostly International]
Par Grindvik – Eden (The Persuader Remix) [Odd Even]
Roland Werk – Aufstrich (Chris Colburn Remix) [favor.]
UVB – Focus (Original Mix) [Mord]
Lester Fitzpatrick – BS (Gary Beck Remix) [BEK Audio]
Dustin Zahn – Born Spark (Original Mix) [Drumcode]
Fixon – Mis Muertos (DJ Hyperactive Remix) [Nachstrom Schallplatten]
Andre Kronert – Thrills (Original Mix) [Pets Recordings]
FBK – An End & Beginning (Original Mix) [Absoloop Orange 82]
Blue Hour – Introspective ll (Original Mix) [Blue Hour]
Ed Davenport – More Life! (Original Mix) [Counterchange Recordings]
Mr. G – Binky’s Groove (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
Inigo Kennedy – Requiem (Efdemin ‘Journey To The Stars’ Mix) [Token]
Nikola Gala – Take Me (Original Mix) [Root50]
DJ Qu – Untitled (Hi-Life) (Original Mix) [Strength Music Recordings]
Titonton – Provocative (Maarten Mittendorff & Jasper Wolff Remix) [aDepth audio]
Makam – Loleatta (Original Mix) [Amulett]
And.id – Retroflection (Original Mix) [Mobilee]
Phil Moffa – Ignition (Original Mix) [The Corner]
Template – Telepath Response Unit (Original Mix) [Invert Music]
Inland – Sinker (Original Mix) [Counterchange Recordings]

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