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D-Node 235: Reggy van Oers | Affin

Reggy van Oers

Dutch artist Reggy van Oers presents a deep minimal sound that’s dark and ritualistic. After van Oers’ 2007 release of “Metza” on Trapez, he went on to produce for a handful of labels but has given the bulk of his creative output to Joachim Spieth’s Affin imprint. His trademark has become a dive into trance-inducing darkness, which can be heard on his releases, his many remixes, and his track selection in general. This week’s mix traverses those depths.


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1. Klartraum – Kazantrip (David Alvarado remix)
2. The Automatic Message – Before January (Sone remix)
3. Ness – Informa Experiments Version 1
4. Dars – All is Tainted
4. Polar Inertia – Major Axis
5. Adriana Lopez – Lines of Fracture
6. Pfirter – Tide (Exium remix)
7. Sone – Broken Axis
8. UNCOMPROM154 – Tr41n
9. +Plattform – Unstatic (Rraph remix)
10. Reggy van Oers – Evasive
11. Lucy – Alchemyst (Moerbeck remix)
12. Conrad van Orten – Crescia
13. Exium – Absolute Magnitude
14. Exium – Nucleoid

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4 Responses to “D-Node 235: Reggy van Oers | Affin”

  • tanki says:

    Where is the download link and player?

  • Ivis says:

    where “download”?

  • Droid says:

    fixed…sorry for the confusion

  • D says:

    If I’m not mistaken track 11 listed backwards. It’s actually by the Argentine techno duo “Alchemyst” and the track is called “Lucy (Moerbeck Remix)” .. Kinda confusing given the awesome artist Lucy..

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