Sound> In an era of countless techno and house sub-genres, classifying his sound is a difficult feat, and that is precisely the purpose. This is a free form project, in which the rules are simple: an inorganic techno base can be added or subtracted to, reshaped or molded into anything that comes up. Live shows, provisational in nature, can last anywhere from 1-3 hours, and the end result is unpredictable. The music is a hypnotic exploration of the possibilities of electronic production. The result of this method of composition is deep and dark, while maintaining a healthy degree of dance-friendly groove.

Bio> Luis Flores has one of the longest and most respected track records in electronic production in Mexico. He was part of Double Helix until its dissolution in 2002. He is a founding partner and creative director of Nopal Beat Records and Antena Discos. He is also one half ot the audiovisual project, Kumbia Korrupters, which has performed at MUTEK MX, Meet in Beijing and Borderline festival in China.


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