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D-Node 279: Force Placement | Black Lodge


The podcast is back with an intriguing set of cosmic techno from one the figures behind LA’s Black Lodge movement. As careful curators, The Black Lodge events have presented deep sets from acts like Nomadico, Santiago Salazar, Civil Duty and even Droid Behavior’s own Subversive. Force Placement also contributes to the digital label LA 909 with a penchant for blurring the lines of house and techno via his releases.

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Cremation Lily – Radiance & Instability
Litüus – PRTN:_003/1
Burger/Ink – 12 Miles High
Cryptik – Radiance
Darkcube – Emesis
Jackson Lee – Syntax Error
Force Placement – Sometimes It Seems Like (Burnout Mix)
Acronym – Realisation
Iori – Ground
Don Williams – Orderly Kaos (摩耶のための曲)
Basin – Welcome To The Firm
Artefact – Transit
Boston 168 – Acid Morning
Ben Gibson – Arizona
Sigha – Our Father
Voidloss – Empty Wordless Mind Waste
Tensal – Atlanticas 4
Adventice – Exsurgence
Eric Cloutier – Raxeira
Unknown Artist – Untitled

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