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D-Node 264: Milkplant | From 0-1


This week we present a mix from Milkplant, AKA Justin Pennell. Milkplant’s the founder of the label From 0-1. With several years as a DJ/producer his recent EP Time Dilation saw wide rotation from top DJs and tracking from Gary Beck and Paul Mac at the top of their Juno charts.

The mix he’s provided for D-Node showcases a dark and aggressive sound.

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1. Myler- Somewhere In London [Autofake]
2. Complicit- Drome 2 (Planeshifter Remix) [Eternal Drive Recordings]
3. Axkan- Any Day Now (Decibel Flekx Right Now Mix) [Format Recordings]
4. Milkplant & The Automatic Message- Colonies [From 0-1]
5. Clouds- Radical Cutting Methods [Overlee Assembly]
6. Jesse Jakob- Barrage (Pfirter Remix) [Traut Muzik]
7. Reeko- Recharger [Perc Trax]
8. Milkplant- Spherical (Sone Remix) [From 0-1]
9. Developer- Volume 1.2 [Olympian]
10. Cleric- Blitz [Clergy]
11. UZB- Crome [Sleaze]
12. D-Func vs. DJ T-1000- Terminator (Diego Hostettler & Krenzlin Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
13. Nitzer Ebb- Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix) [Novamute]
14. Sharam & Youseff- Into The Groove [Prolekult]
15. Thomas Crome- Brain Sucking TV Screen [Loop Records]
16. Michael Burkat- B1 [Audio 22]
17. Pacou- Decay [Tresor]
18. Charlton- Argibalt (Regis U-Viv Mix) [Labrynth]
19. Mike Gervais- Stumble [System]
20. Garrett Dillon & Margin Walker- Detachment [Rheostatus]
21. Rommek- Thought Patterns (Adriana Lopez Remix) [Weekend Circuit]

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