July 28, 2016

D-Node 293: Mor Elian | Dublab

DJ/producer Mor Elian spends her time between Berlin and LA, where she connects the dots between house and techno with her monthly Dublab show Plaza 2 Plaza. She's released on Prime Numbers but just released a new EP on Hypercolour, Drum Vortex. Her mix this week for D-Node focuses less on the frenzied peak and more on a particular techno atmosphere that would work in the club but is perfect for the podcast. Download | Other Recent Podcasts

July 21, 2016

D-Node 292: Plural | Metroplex

Ohio producer/DJ/composer James Johnson (Plural) has been performing this music since the mid '90s, and for the past decade has released tracks and killer remixes on over a dozen labels. This includes last year's "Shifting Forward" on the incomparable Metroplex, as well as his current "No Time To Explain" on Diffuse Reality, the title track of which is included in this mix. The mix for D-Node sounds straight out of a warehouse. Constantly driving and dark, but threaded with pads, atmosphe...

July 8, 2016

Raíz mixes for RYC 181 | Rinse FM

Reclaim Your City 181 | Raíz (Los Angeles) Producers and label owners Vangelis and Vidal Vargas have performed worldwide from North America to Europe to Japan. Through their connection with Drumcell they developed the label, production group and music collective Droid Behavior. Aside from curating forward thinking events such as Interface, Raíz have released affective music on labels including Electric Deluxe, Historia Y Violencia, Droid Recordings and their own label VRV. As perform...

July 8, 2016


CLICK HERE FOR PRESALE TICKETS ON RA CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON FACEBOOK Saturday September 3rd, Droid Behavior and Prototype team up for another Prime with a two very big LA debuts by Kobosil and Etapp Kyle. Kobosil's releases on MDR and Ostgut Ton have left a mark on the European techno scene as only the next generation of producers could. The past twelve months have been extremely hot for him as his been noted by his excessive tour schedule and highly supported singles which bri...

July 8, 2016


CLICK HERE FOR PRESALE TICKETS ON RA CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON FACEBOOK Saturday August 6th, Droid Behavior and Prototype team up for another Prime with a highly anticipated return appearance by DVS1 who's LA debut dates back to Prime in 2010. Also sharing the stage will be Berghain / Panorama Bar resident and former Ostgut Ton label manager Nick Höppner who's fine control of the techno and house genre's has lead to ecstasy and positive realizations on the dance-floor. Roundin...

July 8, 2016

Red Bull presents La Transición | 7.16

Saturday July 16th 2016 Redbull Music Academy presents La Transición Silent Servant / Santiago Salazar / Raíz / Dex La Transición is an underground warehouse party highlighting the City of Angels’ most compelling techno artists, who represent labels such as Underground Resistance, Droid Behavior and Downwards. On July 16, suit up for Silent Servant’s darkwave madness, Santiago Salazar’s tracky classics and a platter of pummeling 4/4 from Raíz. In the second room, Mexico Cit...

July 7, 2016

D-Node 291: Richard Hinge | New York Trax

Richard Hinge, a pioneering proponent of New York techno since the early '90s, is back with an EP on New York Trax - a no-compromises gem plumbed from the depths of his hardware-based Brooklyn studio. Having taken a hiatus from production since his seminal releases on Conrail, Sonic Groove, Hidden Agenda, Disko B and Path Records, Hinge is back to reclaim his seat at the table of New York techno greats. In this dark and eclectic mix recorded for D-Node and titled "Perception of Darkness," Hi...