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OUT NOW: [EDLX 26] Raíz / Jeff Derringer – Deception EP

Knowing all too well that two -or in this case three- heads are better than one, Electric Deluxe are proud to announce ‘Deception EP’, a new collaboration from Droid brothers Raíz and Jeff Derringer.

Though Raíz first appeared—on record—only a few years ago, for a decade now Vidal & Vangelis Vargas, together with Drumcell, have been flying the flag for the west coast techno community as Droid Behaviour—the much touted event collective and label based in LA. Initially operating as the live PA outfit Acid Circus, utilizing a blend of hardware and digital programs the pair have long established themselves both as formidable performers and astute producers, with a characteristically dynamic and streamlined approach to sound design. Years of classical training and a rich bed of musical influences also inform the Raíz sound, which takes its cues from Detroit and the deeper side of techno.

On the other side of the US: as founder, resident and creative director of Oktave, Jeff Derringer has become a key protagonist of underground techno in Chicago and New York over the last three years. Production-wise, following a stunning Subtrak debut in August 2010, he has since become aligned with Ali Wells’ respected Perc Trax imprint with a string of equally well received EPs.

For their first studio effort together Raíz and Jeff Derringer go straight for the jugular to deliver two pieces of dangerously robust marching material. From the Berghain-ready “Deception” to the severely precise “Deceit” there’s nothing misleading about ‘Deception EP’’s merciless floor orientations. Glaswegian Edit Select rounds off the EP with an atmospherically charged remix that’s as haunting as it is hypnotic.

01. Deception
02. Deceit
03. Deceit (Edit Select remix)

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