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D-Node 222: Flug | Sleaze + Enemy + MindTrip

Barcelona-based Argentine producer/DJ Flug has been on record since 2002, when he co-founded the Luxury Grooves imprint and put out music as Jr Lopez. He’s gone on to release well-received techno records as Flug on international labels such as Pfirter’s MindTrip Music, Dustin Zahn’s Enemy Records, and Hans Bouffmyhre‘s Sleaze, among others. His sound is both atmospheric and focused, using repetition and paced transformations to impose a hypnotic state on the listener. His mix for D-Node showcases this strain of techno and spacious sound. Deep in.


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01. Flug – Back To Be
02. Unam Zetineb – Margen Position (Markus Suckut Remix)
03. ARC# – Purple
04. Reeko w/ Architectural – Force Carriers
05. Oscar Mulero – Rotula
06. Shifted – Sektor A
07. Urbano – Aboveboard
08. Spherical Coordinates – PG17
09. Pfirter – New State of Consciousness
10. Planetary Assault Systems – Flat Tire
11. Sleparchive – 2
12. Jonas Kopp – Proteus 81
13. Hans Bouffmyhre – Demon Within (Bouffmyhre Rework)
14. Pfirter – Iteration
15. Subiected – 005.7 (Shifted Reduction)
17. Urbano – Redoxus (Flug Remix)
18. Flug – Modules
19. Drumcell – Disturbance (Tommy Four Seven Remix)

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