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D-Node 167: Jeff Derringer Live at Interface 36 (Detroit) | Oktave

Jeff Derringer is a producer and performer based in Chicago. He is the resident and creative director of the Oktave project, which puts on events in both Chicago and New York.

Jeff’s first EP came out on New York’s Subtrak label in the summer of 2010. He has since released three EPs on renowned UK label Perc Trax, as well as the forthcoming ‘Deception’ EP on Electric Deluxe, a collaboration with Droid Behavior’s Raíz. To date, Jeff’s music has been remixed by Claro Intelecto, Edit Select, Dino Sabatini, Samuli Kemppi, Iori and Milton Bradley.

The Oktave project was started by Jeff and partner Kevin Gregor in New York in 2009. November 2010 saw the first Oktave show in Chicago. Past guests include Function, Cio D’or, Donato Dozzy, Silent Servant, Dasha Rush, Mike Parker, Lucy and many more. Oktave has held label showcases for the likes of LA’s Droid Behavior, Sandwell District, Perc Trax and more.

The next Oktave event will be in Chicago on August 31 with Chris Liebing. Jeff is currently working on a new EP for Milan’s M_Rec LTD. An in-progress track from that EP is included in this mix.

This set is taken directly from Jeff’s performance at Interface 36 / Scene 04 during this year’s Movement festival in Detroit.


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M1 – The Black Dog (Soma)
In the Meadow Under the Stars – DJ Skirt (Horizontal Ground)
A – NX1 (Semantica)
Punto Kokous (Edit Select Remix) – Ness & Rasmus Hedlund (Informa)
Behind Me – Rebekah (Cult Figures)
Situational Ethics – Jeff Derringer (M_Rec)
Bass Mantra (Perc Remix) – The Black Dog (Dust Science)
White Light – Jerome Sydenham and Function (Ibadan)
Hyginus – Dino Sabatini (Prologue)
Here and Now (Jeff Derringer Remix) – Deadsound and Videohead (Perc Trax)
Deception (Edit Select Remix) – Raíz and Jeff Derringer (Electric Deluxe)
A Sky Full of Numbers – Milton Bradley (Do Not Resist the Beat)
A 003 – EQD (EQD)
Track 5 (Robert Hood Remix) – Tommy Four Seven (CLR)
Black Tea – Planetary Assault Systems (Ostgut Ton)
Disaffected – Function (Sandwell District)
Pulse Trader – Mike Parker (Prologue)
Tunnels (Dub Mix) – Edit Select and Dustin Zahn (Enemy)
In the Meadow Under the Stars – DJ Skirt (Horizontal Ground)
Terminal EMA – The Black Dog (Soma)

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2 Responses to “D-Node 167: Jeff Derringer Live at Interface 36 (Detroit) | Oktave”

  • Ideal Flow says:

    Nice one…enjoying this |++

  • unspkn says:

    JD is the man!!

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