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D-Node 111: Space DJz | UK

The Space DJz are Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire, two UK techno practitioners with 15 years of releases and an even longer history as DJs. They’ve played just about every techno event and held a residency at the massively influential Lost night. The Space DJz fill their sets with the cutting edge of quality techno, and this recording for Droid is no exception.


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We asked the Space DJz to highlight a few tracks from their mix.

Top release by Speedy J. Heard through the grape vine this was originally earmarked for Electric Deluxe and that Chris worked hard to obtain it. I’m sure this will stay in the box for a long time to come.

One of four tracks for an up and coming Space Djz release on Virgil Enzinger’s label I.CNTRL. Virgil also heads up remix duties on this little puppy. Expected March 2011. Also on the agenda for early 2011 is another Space Djz four tracker for Perc Trax…Watch this space ;]

2010 has been a bumper year for Techno, with some great new artists and labels on the up and up. Here Tex-Rec demonstrates he unique style of minimal Techno with great aplomb. Keep an ear out for Tex-Rec’s new label Code Minus dropping early in 2011.

Each time we drop Otum the crowd always responds, 10/10 end of story.

What an epic tune, pure H.G.WELLS business a’gwarn right here ! Conjures up images of the Morlocks subterranean world in the book Time Machine…right up our proverbial street.

Full Tracklist
Space Djz – Elliptical Orbit – Perc Trax
Terence Fixmer – Epsilon – Turbo
Perc – Work Softer – Matador Remix – Perc Trax
Speedy J – Armstrong – CLR
B2 Black Worms – Takt Tic
Phil Kieran – Empty Vessels – Gary Beck Remix – Electric Deluxe
Virgil Enzinger – Odic Force – Audio Injection Remix
Sasha Carassi – Minerals – Drumcode
Tex Rec – Android
Joseph Capriati – Gashouder Drumcode
Sven Wittekind – Hubster – SWR
Pfirter – Equilatero – CLR
Chris Hope & Andre Walter – Otum – Driving Forces Records
Robert Bosco – Sci Fi – Figure
Audio Injection – Normal World – Droid
Adam X – Downbursts – Prologue
Space Djz – Terrestrial Quest – I.CNTRL
Terence Fixmer – Machine – Speedy j Remix
Planetary Assault Systems – Temporary Suspension – ostgut Ton

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20 Responses to “D-Node 111: Space DJz | UK”

  • Tex-Rec says:

    Really nice podcast episode, have enjoed it!

  • cartivizitatp says:

    carti vizita

  • Hi Guys great mix, but for some reason the download on iTunes is super super slow, I mean its taking 35 minutes to DL this podcast, whereas white noise, the bleep podcast or the CLR podcast are taking 4 or 5 minutes max. I think your downloads might be getting throttled somehow.

    Anyway Just FYI, Aiki @ TechnoMusicNews.com

  • jamie B says:

    Big thanks to the Droid massive !

  • Vidal Vargas says:

    thanks for the headsup aiki….we will look into this. one possibility is because our mix files are encoded at a larger bitrate then most podcasts that are posted online.

  • rec says:

    Thanks for that awesome posting.

  • austin says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  • aw says:

    marking calender for next years mixes

  • frisky says:

    piecing my brain back together after a headphone session listening to that… brilliant

  • wrongjon says:

    this mix is superb…!!! love it !

  • Just wanted to let you know the sidebar looks off in my browser with 1600×1200 resolution.

  • nacol says:

    Oh my goodness! a tremendous mix dude. Thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    like me

  • Anonymous says:

    “The ignorant mind, with it’s infinite afflictions, passions, and evils is rooted in the three poisons: greed, anger, and delusion.”

  • Anonymous says:

    simple and unassuming. good call

  • Loving this podcast… Well done, mates! 🙂

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