November 6, 2017

D-Node 302: Raíz | VRV

D-node breaks the silence with a varied mix by the podcast's curators, Raíz. After years of publishing countless techno sets from every corner of the globe from up and coming artists and established veterans alike there seemed to be very few places left to go and even less truly new and exciting music to share. D-node went on hiatus while the Droid and VRV members took a collective step back to hone in their skills in other areas of sound and production. Now nearly 12 months later a careful...

September 20, 2016

Out Now: Mirrored Selves | VRV.002

Artist: Subversive / Raiz / Permanent Heartbreak Title: Mirrored Selves Format: Cassette Tape/Digital Cat. No.: VRV.T002 Release Date: Sept 2016 Buy Cassette Tape Direct: Behavior Shop Buy Digital Files Direct: Beatport.com Tracks: Side 1. Subversive - Unwanted Reflection Raiz - Recognize Raiz - Realize Side 2. Permanent Heartbreak - Mirror Pt. 1 Permanent Heartbreak - Mirror Pt. 2 Permanent Heartbreak - Amending OVERVIEW: The second t...

January 9, 2016

Insomniac presents Inception w/ Alan Fitzpatrick + Harvey McKay + Raiz | 1.23

CLICK HERE FOR PRESALE TICKETS (Coupon Code: DROID /// $10 off online tickets) CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON FACEBOOK RSVP for guest-list: rsvp@droidbehavior.com Saturday January 23rd, Insomniac showcases a diverse group of artists at their Saturday night series. Inception welcomes Drumcode hitters Alan Fitzpatrick, Harvey Mckay and Droid Behavior residents Raíz to the main stage of legendary Exchange. Exchange LA 618 S Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90014 21+ //...

November 30, 2015


CLICK HERE FOR PRESALE TICKETS ON RA CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON FACEBOOK Saturday December 12th, Prototype welcomes back the DROID BEHAVIOR / Droid Recordings event series PRIME for their final collaboration of 2015. The Westcoast's undisputed leading force in techno has existed since 2002 as a record label, event production group and artist collective. Their success has taken them across the globe, with showcases in Amsterdam, Detroit, NYC, Barcelona, London and the almighty Bergh...

November 23, 2015

INTERFACE 53 // 13 YEAR ANNIV | 11.28

Powered by Eventbrite Droid Behavior residents have been busier then ever with Droid Showcases and Interface events worldwide happening with increasing frequency, but it is only right we bring it back to the place where it all begin... LA. Celebrating 13 years of collective existence, we present the 53rd installment of Interface series on Saturday November 28th. Please rsvp to rsvp@droidbehavior.com to ensure entry.

November 23, 2015

Insomniac presents Inception w/ Pan-Pont + Luigi Madonna + Raiz | 12.5

CLICK HERE FOR PRESALE TICKETS CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO ON FACEBOOK Music begins with an idea—perhaps from a dream—but here on the dancefloor is where it truly comes to life. Join Exchange LA and Insomniac on Saturdays in Downtown L.A., and rekindle your psyche with the best of house and techno, served up by an all-star roster of dance music artists from across the globe. Exchange LA 618 S Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90014 21+ // Doors open at 10pm Media:...

September 24, 2015

D-Node 276: D-Knox | Sonic Mind

D-Knox represents the Kalamazoo artists who got started in the late '80s and came to prominence in the mid '90s on labels like Black Nation and his own Sonic Mind, an influential imprint pushing a hard and funky Midwest sound for about 20 years now. D-Knox is about hard-hitting funk, and this week he shares the latest snapshot of the sound that's taken him around the world, funky but still hard, hard without churning in aggression, deep without drowning, it's highly functional dance music. ...