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D-Node 169: Rødhåd | Dystopian Berlin

Berlin-based DJ/producer/promoter RødhÃ¥d is a leader of Berlin’s Dystopian collective, a fledgling label, but more importantly one of Berlin’s best-regarded contemporary techno parties. RødhÃ¥d takes the “dystopian,” melancholic side of techno and of course primes and molds it into his own version of the techno experience. Enjoy a sample.


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7 Responses to “D-Node 169: RødhÃ¥d | Dystopian Berlin”

  • ariannajune says:

    LOVE IT!!

  • Eddie Babbage says:

    This is Blazin’ Hot!!! I just found out about this podcast from Fiona Walsh. I’m a huge fan – right up my alley.

  • drn says:

    absolutely gripping. had some true epiphanies dancing to his sets. it just amazes me how it’s possible to fuse this all so common urban melancholy with sheer power and vague hope into audio. great, great stuff.

  • marcel says:

    Is guy is good

  • Keyt says:

    my favorit artist !!! i love it this style >>>>>

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