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August 17, 2012

D-Node 169: Rødhåd | Dystopian Berlin

Berlin-based DJ/producer/promoter Rødhåd is a leader of Berlin's Dystopian collective, a fledgling label, but more importantly one of Berlin's best-regarded contemporary techno parties. Rødhåd takes the "dystopian," melancholic side of techno and of course primes and molds it into his own version of the techno experience. Enjoy a sample. [audio:http://droidbehavior.com/Podcast_Sets/Random/dnode169-rodhad.mp3] Download | See Other Podcasts

January 26, 2012

D-Node 144: Henning Baer | Grounded Theory + K209 DE

Henning Baer is one of the founders behind Berlin's leading Grounded Theory parties, and as a producer turned heads last year with his releases on K209 including work with Sawf and Milton Bradley, which he discusses in-depth in an interview with TEA. Coincidentally we ran into Henning during our last European tour. One night while in Berlin, i went out for a late night döner and giant vanilla coke. Upon returning to the lobby of my hotel one of the bar staff told me i could not bring outsid...