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D-Node 144: Henning Baer | Grounded Theory + K209 DE

Henning Baer is one of the founders behind Berlin’s leading Grounded Theory parties, and as a producer turned heads last year with his releases on K209 including work with Sawf and Milton Bradley, which he discusses in-depth in an interview with TEA. Coincidentally we ran into Henning during our last European tour. One night while in Berlin, i went out for a late night döner and giant vanilla coke. Upon returning to the lobby of my hotel one of the bar staff told me i could not bring outside food to the lounge. I grumbled off back to my room and finished my dinner. My brother stepped out for a night cap and he was recognized by the bar keep as a member of Raíz. It turns out the bar keep was Henning Baer and he just so happened to be on shift. He apologized and invited us to Grounded Theory that weekend with a special appearance by Ben Klock. We went, we saw, he conquered. Aside from curating the excellent club nights, Henning Baer is heading into a bright 2012 as producer and performer. He presents this mix for D-Node 144, filled with a dark, driving strain of contemporary techno.


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We asked Baer to share a few thoughts about five of the tracks in his mix:

Dario Zenker on Ilian Tape
I really like this dark and gloomy track by Dario on his label Ilian Tape. A very spacial pitch-black dynamic techno track. You can definitively hear another alter ego Dario is producing as.


O/V/R Live in London
This live version is simply a slamming monster.
Bombing kick drum. Intense and very pushing forward. I love the part when the subdued hihat comes in.


Dettmann’s Definition for Morphosis “Too far”
This track reminds me on a conversation I had with my Grounded Theory partner Micha about if Techno can be “sexy”. “Sexy” not in a rude way. More in an attractive way and this interpretation by Marcel Dettmann makes me say that Techno definitely can be sexy!


The Secret Initiative IV
I am a big fan of this Unknown, maybe known artist who is releasing on this label. Very trippy long tracks. Well produced. I like all of the releases so far and I am always pleased about new releases on The Secret Initiative.


Skudge on Ann Aimee
This is the perfect example of a track I could listen to for ever. The way Skudge produced that track attracts me very much. Reduced structures which will never get boring. To me possibly the strongest track on the Ann Aimee compilation “Inertia”.

1. The Exaltics РThey Arrive РCr̬me Organization (Short Intro)
2. Ventress – AVN #002 – Avian
3. Dario Zenker – Farrel EP – Ilian Tape
4. Bleak – Ekko – Deeply Rooted House
5. Shifted – Telic – Our Circular Sound
6. Function – Ember – Sandwell District
7. O/V/R – Live In London – OVR Live
8. Developer – Entrada EP – Modularz
9. Developer – Archive 1 – Modularz
10. Planetary Assault Systems – The Drone Sector – Peace Frog Records
11.Coefficient – Field Transitions – M_Rec Ltd.
12. Morphosis – Too Far (Marcel Dettmann Definition 2) – MOS Recordings
13. Unknown Artist – The Secret Initiative IV – The Secret Initiative
14. P.E.A.R.L – Hideout – Audio Assault
15. Skudge – Pollution – Ann Aimee

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4 Responses to “D-Node 144: Henning Baer | Grounded Theory + K209 DE”

  • Mason says:

    Nice to see Henning & Grounded Theory featured on the Droid podcast. Quality mix!

  • Subnode says:

    “I was always into the rawer styles of hip hop and to me Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) is the blueprint of raw techno”
    – Henning Baer

    Totally hearing this in his mix, so raw!! Thanks for this 😀

  • Kristoffer Powersz says:

    This is good music.

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