January 26, 2012

D-Node 144: Henning Baer | Grounded Theory + K209 DE

Henning Baer is one of the founders behind Berlin's leading Grounded Theory parties, and as a producer turned heads last year with his releases on K209 including work with Sawf and Milton Bradley, which he discusses in-depth in an interview with TEA. Coincidentally we ran into Henning during our last European tour. One night while in Berlin, i went out for a late night döner and giant vanilla coke. Upon returning to the lobby of my hotel one of the bar staff told me i could not bring outsid...

November 30, 2011

D-Node 138: Aubrey | Solid Groove UK

  A UK original, Aubrey AKA Allen Saei released his first record in 1990 with the hardcore track "Voices of Energy." Along with another English classic Mark Ambrose, Aubrey then went on to found Solid Groove and its sublabels Textures and Dark, exploring different sides of techno and house as a DJ, prolific producer, and label head for over two decades. Last year his re-release of Evacuation / Shimmer struck a nerve within the techno house community, due to its original power and ...

April 6, 2011


After a long streak of successful releases, Droid embarks on a proper European tour this season. Drumcell, Audio Injection and Raíz have all performed overseas individually, but this marks their collective debut on the continent. The Tour kicks off with a Cell Injection showcase in Athens on April 15 courtesy of Octave's newfound Silent Steps label. Next they perform together at the legendary Berghain Klubnacht on April 16 alongside Ben Sims, Ben Klock and the Echochord/EPM showcase. The ...