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D-Node 220: Roberto Capuano | Drumcode

Italian DJ/producer Roberto Capuano got into electronic music production before he was a teenager, but his first prominent release came in 2009 with the “Got You” 12″ on MKT Records. Capuano’s own style continued to evolve with the developing techno landscape including releases on Elegant Bit, Monique, and elsewhere, and last year he had a blow-up track with “T4,” off his collaborative EP with Markantonio on Analytic Trail. This year he’s released the “Vertigo” EP on Drumcode and the digital “Sweet Willy” on Analytic Trail while enjoying the opportunity to tour in the wake of recent successes.

This week’s mix is a driving set that gets going about a minute in with Antifepn’s “Dig It” and doesn’t let up. Paul Johnson, Blake Baxter, Aphrohead, Frankie Bones, Adam X, and Hyperactive all make appearances alongside newer names. There’s bass, there’s funk, there’s shuffle, and there’s even more cowbell. The mix goes. Tracklist below.


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1. Dig-It – Antifepn (Original Mix)
2. Tortured – Inhale (Audio Injection Remix)
3. Ritzi Lee – Detect Signal (Original Mix)
4. Reeko – Segmento 1 (Original Mix)
5. H&R Joint – That’s More Like It (Dj Rush Dub Mix)
6. Dimi Angelis & Jereon Search – Rhetorica (Jonas Kopp Remix)
7. Oscar Mulero – Rotula (Truncate Remix)
8. Monomood – Vault (Mike Dehnert Remix)
9. Roman Poncet – Cerate (Truncate Remix)
10. Gingy,Bordello – Iron & Water (Original Mix)
11. Robotman – Never (DBX Mix)
12. Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio – Tube (Original Mix)
13. Roberto Capuano – Too Late (Original Mix)
14. Marcell Dettman – Push (Original Mix)
15. Lars Wickinger – Dropout (Exploit Remix)
16. M. Fukuda – Golden Wind (Original Mix)
17. Adam X – Audio Imagery Pt2 (Original Mix)
18. Dj Hyperactive – 25 Hours (Raiz Remix)
19. Felix Lorusso – No Nation (Octave Remix)
20. Aphrohead – In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite) (Dave Clarke Remix)
21. Frankie Bones – My Peak
22. Paul Johnson – Mother Fuckin Bass In Your Face
23. Blake Baxter – One Mo time (Mix1)

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