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D-Node 162: Bill Youngman Live PA | Killekill

Bill Youngman emerged onto the techno scene in the mid ’90s with “Electrostep” on NYC label Serotonin. He’s since released a steady stream of idiosyncratic tracks reimaging the popular techno blueprint through a more experimental lens, including a series of EPs with Neil Landstrumm. Now he’s affiliated with Berlin label Killekill, having recently put out the Shadent 12″, an edit of which is in the mix below. For D-Node 162, Bill has delivered a unique live PA wherein you will find him constructing / deconstructing original productions / edits and finding different paths around the beat using a mix of hardware and software including Native Instrument’s Maschine. I have seen him perform first hand at Berlin’s Suicide Circus and i can assure you… Bill is as live as it gets.


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1.hh3 (edit)
2. unidentified (edit)
3. db4 (edit)
4. newbie (edit)
5. awelectro (edit)
6. shadent (edit)
7. the truce (edit)
8. db3 (edit)
9. correlation (edit)
10. db1 (edit)

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4 Responses to “D-Node 162: Bill Youngman Live PA | Killekill”

  • Marcel says:

    the sample rate reduction stuff going on at the last track (as this set slows down) mega fun….

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