October 9, 2015

D-Node 277: Krenzlin | Tresor

Krenzlin carries the banner of younger DJs, and as Tresor Berlin's resident he hosts its New Faces series, exposing a new crop of techno voices in the legendary club. His releases can be found on Synwave, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, and other quality labels. His mix for D-Node drives hard, beginning with spacey minimalism and building up in aggression and intensity, in the tradition of Tresor, Mills... you know, techno. Tracklist below. Download | Other Recent Podcasts Selected...

January 2, 2015

D-Node 257: Fixon Live PA at Tresor

This week we present a special live recording from Mexico City DJ/producer Fixon, taken from a recent performance at Berlin's techno stronghold, Tresor. A leader in the Mexican techno scene, Fixon's best known releases can be found on Pfirter's MindTrip Music, and with this set he showcases the explosive sounds of his live PA. Download | Other Recent Podcasts

July 25, 2014

D-Node 252: J.C. | Tresor + Deeply Rooted

Born and raised in Madrid, Jose Cabrera grew up on a wide range of musical genres, but in the techno realm come to appreciate the quality techno titans like M-Plant,Basic Channel, Axis, Chain Reaction, Mosaic, Downwards, UR and Dynamic Tension. His own style of raw, stripped down and hypnotic techno is a reflection of his influences. In 2012, he started the label A Harmless Deed together with his friend Damian Schwartz, releasing records of the likes of Fred P, Dj F, Marcos Cabral and Epipha...

April 16, 2014

D-Node 242: Submerge Live at Tresor

Submerge, AKA Orlando Solis, is a DJ/producer from Chicago who also runs the Impact Mechanics label, a name he also uses for live performance. His releases on the harder side of techno have come out on Impact Mechanics, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, and Mote Evolver, among other labels. Submerge's mix this week comes through supporter Allen & Heath's Xone:DB4 mixer, recorded at Tresor Berlin. The use of the mixer would have to be the set's technical highlight, as he cuts through mixes and pushes...

March 20, 2014

D-Node 238: Joseph McGeechan Live at Tresor

Joseph McGeechan got started in techno as half of BCR Boys, with releases on Perc Trax, Synewave, Sleaze, their own Backwater Community Recordings, and more. As a solo artist, McGeechan has gone darker and harder, with en eerie, pummeling live set that's been making its way around Europe. The following live experience was recorded last month down in the dungeons of Tresor Berlin. [audio:http://droidbehavior.com/Podcast_Sets/Random/dnode238-mcgeechan.mp3] Download | Other Recent Pod...

February 6, 2014

D-Node 233: The Advent | Kombination Research

The Advent is a legendary name in techno's history, and Cisco Ferreira is the man behind the name. A sound engineer for bands in the mid-'80s, toward the end of the decade he got into London's underground scene and worked on the records of Midwestern techno and house pioneers through the UK label Jack Trax. By 1988 he had his first record out as The Project on a very young R&S Records. A few years later and many records past, he was releasing as The Advent with Colin McBean, and perhaps more...

May 1, 2013

D-Node 198: Material Object Live at Tresor

Berlin's Material Object makes music with a VCO dial in one hand and a mouse in the other. With releases on Droid, Perc, FAX, Silent Steps, and others, he's grown in recognition over the past few years to tour the globe with his blend of percussive and darker edged techno. This year he's collaborating with Luis Flores as Impact Unit, playing at Berlin CTM show alongside Atom TM, and performing a solo live set at Labyrinth. On March 23, Material Object performed an energetic set at Tresor Ber...