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D-Node 153: Will Azada | Proper Trax

In cities across America, there are those people who take on the struggle to keep proper dance music a part of their cultural landscape. Will Azada has been one of those guys for awhile now, and last year he launched his label, Proper Trax, to expand that ideal of proper house and techno out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

With his new label and releases on Woods ‘N Bass, Mystical Disco, and Bleep Sequence, Azada steps into the producers arena to showcase his personal vision for dance music. For D-Node 153, we present a set consisting of 20 Azada originals, with a few other tracks in the mix. Enjoy this DJ set from rising force Will Azada, which he sent over with the accented title “zee techno parties zey do not schtop.”


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1. shake – mood swing [rush hour]
2. boddika – syn chron [nonplus]
3. azada – e8a
4. azada – power press
5. azada – untitled sub thumper
6. piltdown sound – bodylearn
7. kyle geiger – underneath
8. azada – twisted
9. azada – tranquilized
10. azada – abandoned
11. azada – our sweat
12. chris mitchell – fury [proper trax]
13. azada – easy does it [mystical disco]
14. azada – low end theory
15. azada – shit talk
16. azada – don’t trip [bleepsequence]
17. azada & piltdown sound – wet feet [woods n bass limited]
18. azada – dirty sanchez (version)
19. azada – broken
20. azada – let’s get tight (grey people’s weirdo hipster remix) [proper trax _dubplate]
21. alex falk – t 12 6 B
22. merino – crane
23. jackson lee – three mile island [mystical disco]
24. azada – contention
25. azada – dub that shit [proper trax]
26. azada – a particular mindset
27. azada – let’s get dubbed [proper trax]

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