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D-NODE 159: Egor Boss | Ukraine

One of Ukraine’s finest techno exports, Egor Boss has released on high profile labels Semantica, Spark Music, Sleaze, Gynoid Audio, and Blu Fin to name a few. From the beginning of his career in 2006, Egor has worked toward a fusion of techno, tribal, tech-house, minimal and even progressive. For this D-Node set he takes his interests and arranges them into a cohesive, flowing set.


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01. Etapp Kyle – Parallel (Egor Boss remix) [Indeks Music]
02. Marc Antona – Darwin’s Cornerstone [Truesoul]
03. Roman Lindau – Plavix [Fachwerk Digital]
04. Truncate – Dial [Truncate]
05. Egor Boss – Inversion 1.1 [Indeks Music]
06. Secluded – Hidden [Sleaze Records]
07. Heron – Egret (Damon Wild Remix) [Sleaze Records]
08. Philipp Kipphan – Displace (Mattias Fridell Remix) [Blind Spot Music]
09. Secluded – Provoke (Shifted Remix) [Sleaze Records]
10. Egor Boss – Inversion 1.2 [Indeks Music]
11. Orphx – Devourer [Sonic Groove]
12. Developer – Sin Luz [Semantica]
13. Truncate – Mira Mar [Truncate]
14. Egor Boss – Inversion 2.2 [Affin]

Selected Media:

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