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D-Node 152: Harvey McKay | Drumcode + Soma

DJ/producer Harvey McKay spent years in the Glasgow underground until he became known internationally for some explosive tracks. “Nightwalker” on Soma, “Show Face” on Saved, and “Supercell” on Drumcode are some of the most memorable, and they also demonstrate a wide stylistic range, an ability to incorporate a house feel at will. McKay is increasingly sought for his driving DJ sets. For D-Node 152 he provides a taste of that sound ahead of his first US appearance in New York at Underground Chaos this coming weekend.


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1. Midnight Shade _ Android Cartel_ Harvey McKay Remix
2. Expecting Different _ Mike Wall
3. Atolls _ Hertz _ Dub Mix
4. Taken _ Roberto Capuano
5. Body To Body _ Harvey McKay
6. Wide Awake _ Chris Colburn
7. Goose Juice _ Paul Johnston
8. Kawabanga _ Paul Ritch
9. Warlock _ Tom Hades _ Harvey McKay Remix
10. Party Party _ Oliver Klein & Kolombo _ Harvey McKay Remix
11. Supercell _ Harvey McKay
12. Chronozon _ Rich Jones _ Harvey McKay Remix
13. On/Off _ Sirtaki _ Harvey McKay Remix

Selected Media:

Tea and Techno Interview with Harvey Mckay

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